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Welcome to the Sad Sack Photography Website, It is a Photographic Album I suppose, devoted to my entire photo collection from mainly the Lewes and Sussex area or wherever I may roam. I am a hobbyist photographer based in Lewes which is within The South Downs National Park in Sussex. Enjoy!

28th Aug 2016
Lewes Magistrates Court Gbm Uk Demolition Abandoned Derelict Urbex

Lewes : Magistrates Court Demolition

This is the Urban Exploring view of the abandoned and derelict Lewes Magistrates Court being demolished by Gbm Uk Demolition Company during the Summer of 2015. In its place now...

26th Aug 2016
River Ouse Valley Viaduct Balcombe London To Brighton Railway

Balcombe : Ouse Valley Railway Viaduct

This is the Ouse Valley Viaduct in Balcombe which was completed in 1841, It is 1,475 (450 m) feet long and 96 feet (29 m) high. It carries the London...

15th Aug 2016
Lewes Bonfire Night Celebration

Lewes : Bonfire Night Celebrations

This is my at sometimes crap collection of Lewes Bonfire Night Celebration photos and images that I have taken over the years, emphasis was on atmosphere and content rather than...

14th Aug 2016
Lewes Premier Inn Old Courtroom

Lewes : Premier Inn Construction

This is the Lewes Premier Inn Hotel under Construction during Autumn/Winter 2015 and Spring/Summer 2016 by Jessops Construction Ltd which is also known as The Old Courtroom. I got very...

07th Aug 2016
Lewes Magistrates Court Gbm Demolition Uk

Lewes : Magistrates Court Demolition

This is the Lewes Magistrates Court undergoing demolition during the Summer of 2015 by the Gbm Uk demolition company. See the Urban Exploring view here. In its place will be a...

05th Aug 2016
Lewes Winterbourne Stream Hope In The Valley

Lewes : Winterbourne Stream

The Winterbourne stream in Lewes makes its first appearance at the Newmarket Inn as a gentle stream, but by the time it empties into the River Ouse through a series...

03rd Aug 2016
Tyneham Ghost Village Telephone Box

Tyneham : Ghost Village

Tyneham Ghost Village in Dorset. Tyneham is Dorset’s famous ‘lost’ village. In November 1943 notice was given to the villagers that they would be required to leave within 28 days...

03rd Aug 2016
Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre

Wareham : Monkey World

World Ape Rescue Centre. Monkey World assists governments around the world to stop the smuggling of primates from the wild. At the Centre, refugees of this illegal trade as well...

31st Jul 2016
Longleat Safari Park Rothschild's Giraffe

Longleat : Safari Park

A collection of wild animal images taken at the Longleat Safari and Adventure Park, in Wiltshire, England, which was opened in 1966 as the first drive-through safari park outside Africa....

31st Jul 2016
Longleat Safari Adventure Park Mirror Maze

Longleat : Mirror Maze

The amazing King Arthur’s Mirror Maze at Longleat Safari Adventure Park. Longleat Safari Adventure Park Mirror Maze Travel Scene, Scenes, Image, Images, Photograph, Photographs : Lewes Based Photographer In Sussex...

31st Jul 2016
Longleat House Museum

Longleat : House Museum

Recently had a wander through the sweeping corridors and grand rooms of Longleat House was transported back in time. Exploring this stunning example of high Elizabethan architecture – and the...

30th Jul 2016
Wookey Hole Victorian Penny Machine Arcade

Wookey Hole : Penny Machine

The Wookey Hole Victorian Penny Machine Arcade. But beware that due to inflation 12 pennies will now cost you a either a bar or a cow not a bob! Wookey...