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Have you ever wondered what the Lewes Bonfire Celebration Badge Night was all about on the night before bonfire, Then wonder no more as here we have some pics and vids of the evening. Badge night traditionally was when one renewed their vows and paid their subs for the year and received a new badge as proof of affiliateship and membership with their chosen bonfire society.

One can still renew their subs and vows on the night before, But the evening has now evolved over the years to include bangers, banner hanging, chinese crackers, fireworks, heavy drinking, music and much merriment! For others though, The night before will still be a time for to reflect on those that they lost whenever during the solemn days of a Battle or a War “Lest We Forget”.

The Lewes Bonfire Night is the biggest celebrated Fifth November Event in the world, and is held in the usually peaceful county town of Lewes (pronounced “lu-is, loo-is, lu-wis or loo-wis” but definitely not loos), East Sussex, every year on 5th November.

This spectacular carnival, event or festival of remembrance is known as either the Lewes Bonfire Night Celebrations, Bonfire Night or just simply the Fifth.

It is the biggest and the only proper bonfire night celebration left of its kind in the Uk. In fact, This is not one celebration as such, there are in fact six separate Lewes Bonfire Societies all celebrating the Fifth in various parts of the town, all with their own processions, traditions, costumes, fire sites and fireworks.

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Badge Night Bonfire Celebration Lewes

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