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Welcome to the Sad Sack Photography Website, It is a Photographic Album I suppose, devoted to my entire photo collection from mainly the Lewes and Sussex area or wherever I may roam. I am a hobbyist photographer based in Lewes which is within The South Downs National Park in Sussex. Enjoy!

All photographs and videos within this website are mine unless otherwise stated. There are some video screenshots and videos that belong to other 3rd party shared video hosting website members.

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera” Dorothea Lange

12th Jul 2015
Steam Engine Locomotive Train Graveyard Scrapyard Havana Cuba

Train Graveyard Havana : Cuba

This is a Steam Engine Graveyard in Havana (La Habana) Cuba. Not much evidence of Scrapyard work on any of the Locomotive or Train Derp there. I seem to think...

06th Jul 2015
Vehicle Scrapyard Havana La Habana Cuba

Vehicle Scrapyard Havana : Cuba

Only a small post this one but here is a small vehicle scrapyard in Havana (La Habana) It was just around the corner from the Hotel Roc Presidente which we stayed...

28th Jun 2015
Trinidad Railway Train Station Cuba Steam Engine Locomotive

Trinidad Steam Engines : Cuba

The first of my urbexy type of missions whilst we were on Holiday was the Trinidad Railway Train Station in Cuba, and there is a nice collection of Steam Engine...

26th Feb 2015
Lewes Timber Merchants

Timber Merchants : Lewes

This building used to be a Timber Merchants Warehouse and Shop belonging to Wenban Smith Timber Merchants. It suffered severe flooding during the Lewes Floods of 2000, and before that...

26th Feb 2015
St Anne`s School Lewes

St Anne`s School : Lewes

The original building and more importantly the land that it sits on has a very rich and interesting history, it closed down as a school at the end of the...

26th Feb 2015
Southdown Brewery Lewes

Southdown Brewery : Lewes

The old Southdown Brewery Building (est. 1838) lies empty and is now starting its long journey towards a slow death deliberately due to Brown Envelopes and stupid Grade II Listed Building...

13th Feb 2015
Lewes Protestant Martyrs Steps

Martyrs Steps : Lewes

I finally secured a “Supervised” look at the Protestant Martyrs Steps in this cellar after many years thinking about it because of my deep interest in the history of the...

31st Jan 2015
Abandoned Canon O Donnell Hall Community Centre Lewes Arts Crafts Derelict Building Urbex Urban Decay Exploration UE Redundant

Abandoned Church Hall : Lewes

Abandoned Church Hall : This is a deliberately disused, abandoned, derelict arts and crafts style building called the Canon O`Donnell Hall which was a community centre for the people of...