St Anne’s Church : Lewes

St Anne’s Church lies at the top of Lewes’s long High Street close to the stretch of downs where the Battle of Lewes was fought in 1264. It was originally known as St Mary Westout, but by the sixteenth century was generally associated with St Anne, the patron saint of wells, probably from its proximity to a healing well. It is the oldest church remaining in Lewes, and is remarkable for its size and magnificence in what was until 1538 a very small parish.

St Anne’s Church Lewes

The association with St Anne suggests that it may have become a centre of pilgrimage, paid for by offerings at the healing well. It was part of the endowment given by Earl William II de Warenne about 1095 to the Cluniac Priory of St Pancras. The oldest parts, built in the early twelfth century, are the tower (with corbels in the form of grotesque gargoyles), the nave and the south chapel, though the exterior of the nave was much altered in Victorian times.

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