White Star Pub : Liverpool

The history of the White Star Pub has been traced back as far as 1880s. A programme from the Empire Theatre dated 1887 features an advertisement for the White Star Carvery and bar.

The pub was almost the same as it is now, apart from where the telephone is, there used to be a dumb waiter. Where the gents is, was the back yard, and where the fruit machine now stands used to be the gents.

Upstairs where the ladies toilets are, used to be the living accommodation. There were no ladies toilets in the White Star until about 1987.

There are a few pubs in city that did not allow ladies in on their own due to the amount of prostitutes that worked in the city from the end of the second world war until the early 90s.

Just after the war a chap called Mr Quinn bought about 5 pubs in the city, he never changed the names, but on all the front windows he had etched Quinns, since then all the real ale drinkers in Liverpool and even the good beer guide have called it the White Star

The back room of the White Star was used by Bob Wooler and Alan Williams to pay all of their groups including the world famous Beatles. Where the Beatles wall is in the back room, is where they were paid.

White Star Pub Liverpool Merseyside Beatles

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